Preston and Kelsie // Surprise Birthday Proposal

Months before the day of this proposal, Preston approached us to share his amazing ideas about how he was going to ask the love of his life to marry him. Week after week he added something newer, bigger, and better to his proposal plan. Fast forward to August 21st, Preston was ready and excited to ask Kelsie to marry him. While Kelsie was running errands and eating brunch with friends for her birthday, friends and family gathered secretly to help set up a dream proposal. Once everything was set into place and the sunset finally went away, Kelsie was dropped off after dinner at the opening of an empty parking garage. Level by level, she was greeted by a friend, family member, and a flower. Once she finally reached the top with a bouquet of flowers in hand, Preston was standing there in the center of his amazing vision waiting for the love of his life to reach him. After talking and looking over past photos together with live music being played and sung in the background, Preston asked Kelsie for a dance. As Preston's friend sung and played "Tenerife Sea" by Ed Sheeran while they danced, he slowly slipped the ring box out of his coat pocket and concealed it behind his back. After a slight pause, a kiss, a hug, and a few words, Preston got down on one knee and asked Kelsie to marry him.

We are so thankful for being a part of such an awesome proposal story and wish Kelsie and Preston 100 years of happiness! 

- Connor & Alyssa -