• Wolffish Leather Products by Arndís Jóhannsdóttir - The Wolffish is a pretty crazy looking fish that is native to Iceland and is known for it’s striped and spotted gray-blue skin. Take a look inside the shop called Kirsuberjatréð in Reykjavik and look through fish leather bags, trinkets, wallets, etc. for a truly unique Icelandic item. We purchased a simple Wolffish leather keychain that is in the shape of a fish!

  • Handmade Viking Ship Mobile by Christian & Grethe Flensted - Within a jewelry shop called Aurum in Reykjavik, you will find a small section of very cute home good items for sale. One of our favorite items from this store that we currently have hanging in our home office is a Viking ship mobile. The Flensted family design and create these mobiles in Denmark and their Viking mobile pay homage to Iceland and Denmark’s shared Viking history.

  • 66° North - This is THE outdoor brand of Iceland. They have some very fashionable and high quality outdoor apparel that you’ll see being worn by locals all over town. This shop ranges from very expensive to average so there’s something for everyone. There are several locations around Iceland so it’s not a problem to find.

    Note: Akureyri has an amazing 66° North outlet store! There is a regular priced store there, but be sure and walk a couple blocks off of the main shopping street to find the outlet store. Not going to lie, we loaded up at the outlet store….but how can you not when this amazing brand was up to 60% off!!

  • ZO•ON Iceland - This is another really cool brand that is native to Iceland. It’s a smaller company than 66° North, but we really like their style and the prices are bit better as well.

  • Blue Lagoon Products - After soaking in the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon, check out their shop on the way out. From their famous silica mud mask to algae masks, and even lava scrubs, this shop has some really interesting facial products that we absolutely love using!

  • Locally Made Art, Carvings, Sculptures, Artifacts and More - While you’re in Reykjavik, check out the store called Fóa for a large array of locally made artifacts.

  • Whale Bones - This might seem like an odd souvenir to some people, but there is a market for these items seeing that in just about every fishing village there is a random person or store selling a whale bones that washed up on the shore that day. There was even a soup food truck near Vik with an enormous whale vertebra with a price tag on it. If you would like a very unique item from Iceland then look in the shop called Kaðlín Handicraft in Húsavík where you will find a shelf of smaller marine creature bones for you to easily take home. The store entrance is on the south side of The Húsavík Whale Museum building.

  • Sveinbjörg Story Blanket - This beautiful blanket is a great way to add some Nordic vibes to your home during the times that you miss your amazing Iceland trip. The handmade blanket shows a story of viking ships following a raven as they sail across the sea searching for Iceland. This blanket can be found at Salvía in Húsavík or at Vorhus in Akureyri.