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Italy Guide
Jan 2018

From Venice, Florence, Cortona, to Rome, here's our interactive map and guide to our Italy favorites.

New Zealand guide
Jan 2018

Just added our first interactive map along with a guide to our favorite things we did on our 2.5 week road trip.

New zealand short film
Jan 2018

We have finally finished our New Zealand montage! Happily Shavers is very excited to share with everyone all of the amazing memories we made while road tripping all over New Zealand's South Island.


Travel Guides

The amount of due diligence travelers must do before taking on an adventure can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but that's where we come to help. Happily Shavers has proudly curated ready-to-use Google Maps for each place we have visited. Just click the link below, load up the map for your destination and you'll unlock our favorite things to do, favorite foods to eat, the most unique souvenirs we could find, and the most breathtaking photo locations to get that perfect Instagram photo.  

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Photography & Films

The anticipation for what photos we can take or what footage we can get is always the driving factor when we plan our next trip. The journey to find that perfect spot to photograph or to find the most exciting experience to film is what drives us to venture out into the world and to take risks. We would love to share with you all of our favorite moments from each trip in our photography and film section in the link below.